Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a fasination with how things worked. From taking apart toys and separating out parts to make something faster, better, cooler, or stronger – I was always (and still am) in discovery mode. Every day of my life is treated as a new day to learn more.

I utilized this passion around my 10th birthday and began focusing on business, media, and technology – 3 things that all go hand in hand. Around that same time I started a very small company that helped companies transition from 1990’s era computing systems to more modern and better performing devices. It was with this that Innovative Technology Solutions was born. I worked very little on the business, having only 2 clients that were non-paying, and it fell to the wayside.

After discovering my passion for capturing events through the use of audio and visual communications, I then fell in love with being a photographer. This is where I focused on the media part of my passion. I began working for a few different companies in my hometown and the love grew more every single time I was shooting. After a few bumps in the road, I also stopped focusing on this passion and switched from big lenses and bodies to my iPhone 6s, which I still use to this day.

From that point, I was somewhere in my high school years and discovered the art of starting businesses. At that point in time, I realized I was really good at establishing, scaling, and selling or prolonging the life of these businesses. I learned this through trial and error, as well as some help from my mentors throughout high school and college. This was also the key point where I launched my longest-running business, Mason Media Group. This business focused on multiple things, mainly business development through media – all of the things I love packed into one.

There was a slight problem with the business, as many startups know and experience at one point or another – it wasn’t making money. And since I was on my own, having rent and bills to pay, I joined Berrien Media. This was another startup, however, it was in a prime position to make money, and I was there to help facilitate that growth. Through many late nights, lots of typed and written plans, as well as great clients, the business started growing.

For me, I love to facilitate growth through strategy, hard work, and a whole lot of passion. At some point during my tenure, I realized that leaving my adopted child of a business was going to be the best choice for my life at the time, because as the business was growing, as was my life. I decided I wanted to do a big switch towards something I’ve wanted to get into for a while – Real Estate.

Not like a realtor because I didn’t want to make that big of a jump yet, but something just a little outside of my comfort zone, leasing. I started my current position and have been developing plans for growth through media and that has led me to this;

I am Caylib A. Mason, and I am the Social Leasing Specialist.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. There is so much more to come.


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